DeKalb County, Illinois is an agricultural community that draws its roots from the early settlers of the 1830s.

These pioneers would later cultivate the land and inspire others to build thriving communities.
We celebrate those hardy individuals and the sacrifices they made by establishing an event that includes some of the rustic outdoor activities that were a part of everyday settler life.
This event will combine a couple of contemporary activities with a few traditional activities, in recognition of our rich outdoor heritage, while at the same time, offering new opportunities, and some unique experiences for the next generation.

August 21st - October 31st*

A ten-week outdoor extravaganza that allows you to explore at your leisure while highlighting all the best DeKalb County has to offer. An event designed to be completed with family, friends, or by yourself.

Wild DeKalb!

To find out more about the event, along with participation rules and regulations please CLICK the link below. 
Timeframe to be adjusted to correspond for those hunters and the official start our annual hunting season.*